Fund Solution

We offer a customized solution for creating and operating your own fund

Turn-Key Solution

We simplify the fund start-up process by addressing the various hurdles involved such as heavy regulatory compliance burdens, establishing agreements with competent and reputable service providers (fund administrator, lawyer, auditor, trustee, custodian, Fundserv, etc.), and cultivating a qualified team that efficiently operates funds.


Focus On What You Do Best

Once Majestic has launched your fund, you can focus your efforts on raising assets and portfolio management while we handle the day-to-day fund operations.

Benefit From Our Economies Of Scale

There is strength in numbers. With Majestic Fund Solutions, more funds means more savings for your fund compared to standard industry pricing. This translates directly into lower expenses for your fund, better performance for your investors, and higher profitability for your firm.

Established Service Providers

Trustworthy relationships are crucial in business. This is why we only deal with well-established, reputable service providers.

National Bank of CanadaGemini Trust Company, LLCRaymond James - Correspondent ServicesAviso WealthTSX Trust CompanySGGG Fund Services Inc.Fidelity InvestmentsLaurentian Bank SecuritiesRBCFundServRJ O'BrienInteractive BrokersKPMGFasken Martineau

Efficient On-boarding Process

The fund start-up process is simple and usually takes less than one month.

  • Project Viability Analysis

    Step 1:

    Discussion with Majestic to explore various solutions for your project and determine its long term viability (investment strategy analysis, asset raising possibilities, necessary seed capital secured etc.)

  • Due Diligence

    Step 2:

    Due diligence process with the portfolio manager wanting to launch a fund.

  • Signing of Agreement

    Step 3:

    Signing of a Business Agreement which outlines the terms of the business relationship.

  • Creation of
    the Fund(s)

    Step 4:

    Majestic delegates and oversees the drafting of the fund’s legal documents, account openings, etc. More than 70 different tasks are involved.

  • Portfolio

    Step 5:

    Once the fund is seeded, you can start managing its assets based on your predetermined investment policy stated in the fund’s legal documents. Majestic then handles all of your fund’s day-to-day operations with the help of various service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the advantages of having my fund(s) under Majestic?

    - Simplified operations;
    - Focused efforts on portfolio management and asset raising;
    - Substantial savings on all recurrent fund expenses;
    - Better marketplace visibility;
    - Improved distribution using the Fundserv network.

  • What is the minimum capital needed to start a fund?

    There is no specific AuM number needed for launching a fund. Post-launch investor demand can be as important, if not more important than the fund’s initial seeding. That being said, we recommend only launching a fund with an initial seed capital that keeps the fund’s MER competitive relative to similar funds on the market.

  • Do I have the right profile to start a fund?


    Yes, if you are one of the below:

    1. A firm registered as Portfolio Manager working exclusively with managed accounts, with a desire to simplify  its operations, refine its business model and export/market its expertise;
    2. A registered Investment Fund Manager looking to save costs, outsource the compliance burden of internal funds, and increase its profitability at no cost to unitholders;
    3. A foreign investment firm looking to do business in Canada;
    4. A broker/financial advisor/financial planner who has an established client base, relevant experience, and proper education, with a desire to manage his own fund;
    5. A Mutual Fund Broker or Exempt Market Dealer looking to increase its profitability by promoting and distributing its own brand of funds.
  • Can I migrate my existing funds over to Majestic?

    Absolutely, Majestic makes it easy for you by leading and overseeing the transition.  This switch will be beneficial to your fund(s) because of our economies of scale.

  • Who is the owner of a fund structured under Majestic?

    A fund is a distinct legal entity owned by the investors of the fund. Once created, various service providers and intermediaries will be involved in the fund’s operations.  Majestic is responsible for overseeing all of the fund’s activities.